Keep moving free

The world is moving fast and we want to stay ahead by travelling lightly. Taking care of people’s luggage is our way of helping them reach their objectives.

We want people to be able to move freely and go straight to whatever is awaiting for them, whether it is a business meeting or museum tour visit.

That's why we enjoy taking care of their luggage. 

About us

We are an innovative luggage storage service.
Our network includes the official KiPoint luggage storage deposits of Italy’s main railway stations and a series of local businesses who make their shops available to accommodate the luggage of travellers.
You can find us both on our website and on our app.

Luggage storage Kipoint

They are the official luggage storage deposit of the railway station and storage location closest to your track.
Here you will find experience and dedication from a qualified staff that has years of experience in the storage and transport luggage services. You can find us in the stations of Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Verona, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Bari, Palermo.


Our Keeper are local business owners, who have some storage space and who wish to share it.
They are the ones making our service available citywide. They are hospitality professionals and owners of local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars and grocery shops.
All certified by us.

Our commitment

Let us take care of your luggage and travel freely.
Simply tell us where and when you need to collect it. We will keep it safe in the meanwhile, so that you are free to enjoy your time.


Need help? We are here to assist you.


You can contact us on Facebook Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Send an e-mail to support@bagmedo.com,
we'll answer you as soon as possible

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