How can we help you?



How can we help you?




We are an innovative luggage storage and transportation service.

Our network includes the official luggage storage deposits of Italy’s main railway stations and a series of local businesses who make their shops available to accommodate the luggage of travellers.

We also offer a luggage transportation service across the different deposits of the same city, and a tailor-made service for the collection and delivery of baggages directly at the track.

You can find us both on our website and on our app.

Search a luggage storage in the city you are interested in. Select a Station Keeper, the official railway station deposit and the one closest to your track, or one of the many City Keepers, our network of trusted partners across the whole city area.

Select the number of bags you wish to store and the date and time for drop-off and collection. Confirm and pay to complete your order, then go to the Keeper of your choice and remember to bring the reservation number you received by email and your ID.

The Keeper will give you a receipt that you will need to show when collecting your luggage.   

We are not allowed to store objects prohibited by law or considered hazardous under the national law or whose packaging may be harmful to humans, the environment or to other stored luggage.

BagMeDo also doesn’t accept items such as plants and animals, money (cash, credit cards, and traveler's cheques), pornographic material, weapons or firearms, software containing high-value information, technological material (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, PC, smartphones), waste, dangerous materials, drugs or psychotropic substances, works of art, antiques, metal (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones.


To ensure the privacy and security of our Keepers, it will not be possible to contact them through our website.

You will receive detailed information about the address and name of your Keeper once you have made your reservation. You can ask your Keeper any additional information upon drop-off or collection of your luggage.

Our network includes the official depots of the main Italian stations, which have years of experience in the field, along with a number of local activities, which must necessarily meet the BagMeDo standards to be certified.

You can find our official luggage storage in the stations of Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Verona, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Bari, Palermo.

The local activities constitute a widespread network distributed throughout Italy.


Unfortunately, no. Online booking is required in order to store your luggage at one of our Keepers.

The drop-off and pickup times are not binding if you opted for the storage service. However, remember that if you drop off your luggage on a different day than the one on your reservation, it will be considered as a new reservation and you will have to pay the relative fee. Drop-off and pickup times are instead binding in case you booked the transportation service. In this case, respecting the booking times is essential in order to guarantee the efficienty of our delivery service.

If you have made a reservation but can no longer drop off your luggage, please contact our Customer Service within 24 hours from the beginning of your booking in order to receive a refund. Remember that the 24-hour notice is necessary if you want to receive a full refund.

If you cannot collect your baggage, please contact our Customer Service for assistance. A few hours before the keeper closes, you will receive an email containing a link that will give you the opportunity to extend your booking by one day paying the standard deposit fee. If you still can't collect your baggage, please contact our customer service who will send the baggage to the address you provided.

If you have stored your luggage but can no longer collect it, please contact our Customer Service to arrange a new pickup time and/or date.

If you wish to change the number of baggages, please contact our Customer Service: your reservation will be cancelled and you will receive a refund. You can then make a new reservation with the correct number of baggages.

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, only the person who has made the reservation is allowed to drop off and collect the luggage.


The fees for our service are as follows:
- 6€/day for each piece of luggage stored at any Luggage storage
- 7€/day for each piece of luggage stored at any Luggage storage Kipoint

The payment must be made at the time of booking and exclusively through the BagMeDo website, by Credit Card or PayPal. Payment in cash is not allowed.


Yes, you can leave as many bags as you like.

Each item will be charged the same basic rate, you will see the total amount before proceeding with the payment.

Remember to specify the correct number of bags when booking: if you need to add more bags, the quickest solution is to make another booking, in addition to the one you have already made.

If you have entered more baggage than the actual number, please contact the Customer Service.

You will be able to view complete information about the name and the address of your Keeper in "Your bookings" once you have completed the purchase.

Your luggage will be stored in a reserved space within the premises of our City Keeper or within the Station Keeper, if you choose to leave it at the station.


Yes, your luggage is insured. For further information please contact the Costumer Service through the Facebook chat or by writing an email to

Yes, we have been taking care of travellers' luggage for years, managing the deposits inside the largest Italian stations. Our keepers have been selected by our team in accordance with precise guidelines in terms of efficiency and safety, to offer you the best travel experience. The keepers are then evaluated directly by the users through reviews, based on their personal experiences. We manage our network to maintain a high standard of service quality. In addition, the price of the service includes an insurance that covers up to 500 € for each piece of luggage that you leave us.


Need help? We are here to assist you.


You can contact us on Facebook Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Send an e-mail to,
we'll answer you as soon as possible

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